Shirodhara – Ayurvedic Treatment against Stress, Depression and more! – 20 Oct 16


A whole lot is going on, as always, and we are busy but at the same time we notice how the weather is getting cooler and more and more pleasant each day! This means we have reached the main season of travelling in India and people are getting ready to enjoy their time here at the Ashram with us!

Still our most popular retreat is our Ayurveda Yoga Holiday with daily yoga classes, Ayurveda massages and treatments. The most relaxing of these treatments is called ‘Shirodhara’ – and anybody who has ever received a Shirodhara treatment knows how deep of an effect it has!

Shirodhara practically means ‘flow on the head’ and that’s what it is: oil is warmed up and poured in a steady stream onto your forehead. A therapist gently and slowly moves the stream from one side to the other side of your head and you will feel the oil drawing patterns across your forehead.

In the beginning, you will want to mentally follow these patterns but after a while you will notice how your mind relaxes more and more and you will enter that state of relaxation where you don’t think any thoughts anymore. You don’t pay attention on your body, which is lying comfortably on the massage table and you don’t even want to engage your mind in anything else anymore. Just that moment.

This is why this treatment is so helpful against all kinds of stress and its consequences and of course depression as well. Your mind gets a time of well-deserved peace and can gain strength again to start over new. It is like a reboot which you often don’t get even with a night’s sleep if you are in such a situation!

Now imagine receiving this treatment several days in a row, in an environment where you are not asked to perform, where you don’t have anybody requesting anything from you but where you can enjoy the sunshine, explore a new culture and stretch and strengthen your body in yoga classes!

Yes, Shirodhara is one of the most popular Ayurvedic treatments and we would love welcoming you here for not only a test but a wholesome experience, for example with our Ayurveda Yoga Holiday. Get rid of stress, recover from burnout and depression or just recharge your batteries. Plus, my family and I would love to have some talks and get to know you!

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