The Atheist Crowd is growing with young Non-Believers – 27 Jul 15


I have told you about our atheist meeting on the weekend. We truly had a great time together and I enjoyed exchanging thoughts and views with many people who think in the same direction. And it is a crowd that is growing and growing, in our country and all over the world.

The group that came together on Saturday was of mixed ages but the big majority was young men and women, below thirty and even below twenty years old. Friends of higher age appreciated exactly this, saying how nice it is to see that more and more young people think in a rational way! I told everyone that by sharing our doubts on religion and god, we can further increase the number of atheists in this country and around us.

Yes, I believe the world would be a better place if we had more people who don’t believe in god and don’t follow any religion. I am an atheist and I feel this is the right way to go. If I didn’t think there was something wrong with religion, I would still be religious! If I actually thought there was a God, I would not say I am an atheist! I have left the path of religion and that’s how I can clearly tell others that they should leave that nonsense as well!

I think most people will one day realize that religion is an illusion. The further you develop, the more you grow, the more you get to see other viewpoints. And the more people will prosper, the more people will see the illusion of religion and leave it!

On Saturday I pointed out in a conversation that religion and god are mainly the subjects of a non-developed surrounding where prosperity is absent. Where you see poverty, you will see a lot of religion as well. Where you see development and abundance, you will see less to no religion.

Surveys and studies are already showing that more and more of India’s best students, the top alumni of the IIT, India’s Institute of Technology, are turning into atheists! A young, modern, developed India is coming, growing and forming a new generation. A generation that will have doubts on traditions. A generation that will not hesitate to ask questions. A generation that you cannot hold back anymore.

Doubt and questions are not allowed in the blind faith of religion. And that’s why the next generation will leave religion and god. They know that you can only discover truth by asking, researching and digging deep. That’s how our crowd will grow – and I will be happy to be part of it!

Here you can see photos of our atheist meeting

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