National Convention on Atheism in religious Town Vrindavan - 6 Oct 16
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Until now, I have not told you yet about a program we have now been preparing for quite a while: on 14th and 15th October, we will have a gathering of like-minded people here at our Ashram. An atheist meet in the middle of religious Vrindavan!

Those of you who have been loyal readers may remember a similar event last year, when about a hundred people came together at our Ashram in July 2015. We discussed religion, God and atheism, had a program with poems and music, ate good food and, most of all, shared our thoughts and feelings. Friendships were formed on that day which went very deep, as the participants were connected by common ground: they all didn’t believe in god or at least had doubts whether he existed or not.

As it had been such a great success last year, we decided to make another event this year, inviting people from all over the country to get together! We created a small program with a discussion and question-answer group, a play performed by a theater group and of course tasty meals as well.

When we had decided on our idea, we published the event online – and immediately got a great response! Without having done any advertisement, only by putting it out there online, dozens and then hundreds of people started telling us that they would come! By this date, we expect more than five hundred people to join us on 14th October!

All my friends here in India: if you have any doubt in the religion you see around you, if you have been disappointed by an imaginary god you believed in and have found my writings to be true, you are more than welcome! I know a lot of people who have doubts in Hindu traditions and just don’t dare to go against what has been done for so long. They don’t want to disappoint their family and they feel hesitation in going down a path they might be alone on.

You are not the only one and you can find friends who think the same! Come and join us on 14th and 15th October in Vrindavan!

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