Sorry, I just can’t be an atheist Guru – 6 Aug 15


You have already read that I have absolutely no wish or intention to found an organization for atheists. Yesterday I explained that the risk for this to turn into a religion was too high and that we should not stick to traditional ways of defining atheism. Today I would like to tell you about another reason: I just don’t like the structure that such an organization would require!

You already know that I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting of so many atheists at our Ashram. I will also in future like to invite atheists to our Ashram to bring them together and provide a space where such meetings can happen. I love talking to them, be it online or in person, to tell them of my views, listen to theirs and help them with their issues if I can. But I don’t want to found an organization for all of this!

There have been a lot of personal requests for this and that’s why I think I should also reply to exactly these people who asked for it: you want to have a system into which you can fit your atheism. The point of atheism is however that it is against the existing system!

One reason for many people to be atheists is that they don’t like the hierarchy that religion provides! I would not enjoy being the head of such an organization because for many years, in my youth and young adulthood, I was something very similar: a religious, spiritual guru! I was the one telling religious people what to do. I have left this behind, among other reasons because I wanted to be equal! I wanted to be able to have a normal conversation with another person without him or her kissing my feet!

So if I now started an organization, I would be head of it. There would be other directors. There would be people managing it, who would be one level lower, the second-highest in this organization. And it would go further like this, making some people higher and others lower. I believe we all are humans and we should all be the same. Such structures may be necessary in companies in order to run business properly but I would hate to see this among my atheist friends! Because that is one of the things that is so horribly wrong in religions all over the world!

Why do you need someone to tell you what to do or where to go? Why are you even looking for such a person or group? I think you can spread the message better if you believe in yourself and your individual experience! Why can you not tell others about atheism without an organization?

I don’t want this. I think if we did that, we would be in no way better than organized religion and believers are.

So believe me when I say I will never found such an organization. I find it funny when someone jokingly calls me ‘the atheist guru’ but I cannot really be one!

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