Ashram Experience – A Place to Relax – 24 Oct 10


Today in the early morning hours our friends Jens, Regina and Celina left the Ashram. Just two hours before they had to go another friend, Su from New York, arrived. They practically met each other on the doorstep before the family had to get their luggage into the big taxi and drive off towards the airport.

We had a wonderful time with them and they enjoyed their two weeks here very much, too. It was their second trip to India, their second visit to the Ashram, and you could see how they felt at home here. Jens enjoyed working with Babbaji in the garden, Celina played a lot with the boys and Regina and Ramona had long talks in the garden. When Su asked them yesterday where they had been and what they had visited on their trip, they replied ‘Mathura (which is the next bigger town) and Loi Bazaar (the market of Vrindavan) and many times up to the gate and back’. We all had to laugh. They just enjoyed a visit with friends. They have been to the Taj Mahal on their last trip and did not feel a need to go out and do sightseeing. They did not want to be tourist, they just wanted to enjoy being at the Ashram.

It is just beautiful to have friends here. There are not any expectations on what has to happen while they are here and everybody just feels good to be with each other. Of course we don’t keep our visitors from exploring the surroundings, we are happy when they get to see and know the many different facets of life in India. When you are at the Ashram however, you can just relax and enjoy being in India instead of seeing and visiting India. We are happy that our friends gave us this feedback, too.

Now Su arrived and of course our volunteers and retreat participants are still there and in the next week the Ashram will fill with even more people. It is beautiful to be surrounded with lovely people. We think of all friends who are not physically here with us and know that they are with us in their hearts.


  1. Lise-Lotte Bonne

    I would like to enjoy the Ashram family life … soon … It sounds like a lovely holiday ….

  2. Swami Balendu

    You are very much welcome here to be a part of Ashram family. Let us know when you will come. Love

  3. Emily

    It is amazing to see the contrast between the atmosphere at the ashram and in the town of Vrindavan just outside the gates.
    In Vrindavan, you will be bombarded with the sounds of honking cars, motorcycles, and rickshas, while passing by cows, monkeys, and dogs. The strange looks from others and the heat can sometimes be a little much to deal with.

    But inside the ashram gates, there is peace, quiet, and positive energy. Relaxation is inevitable and no one looks at you crazy! I’m so thankful to have a place like the ashram to spend my quiet time. And if I’m looking for a crazy experience, I’ll just step outside the gate!

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