Ashram – a place to connect – 12 Apr 10


Thank you for all your responses to yesterday’s diary. What I wrote was written because of many such experiences. People search in Google, find our Ashram, get in touch via mail and over internet and because we want to keep our Ashram an Ashram and not a hotel, we say them that they can give any donation which they feel appropriate. However as many of them do not have any connection and do not want to make one, they just use the Ashram like a guesthouse, or actually worse, like a cheap place to stay. There were people of whom we knew that they stayed in very good hotels but did not value the Ashram with their support.

What I wrote yesterday was while thinking of these people and I know there were also many others, kind, lovely people who were interested and with whom we made a great connection. And of course, if you feel this love for the place, for our children, then you will value it and wish to help. With the help of our friends and supporters we are running our projects and the school for poor children, so that we can help them to have a good future through good education.

I hope the number that I wrote yesterday, the estimate per person, is not going to be the measurement of calculation for people coming to the Ashram now, otherwise it will be difficult to keep supporting the children because it is only an amount for covering expenses. I am confident however that there will be more and more loving and open people who have the wish to get to know more about our school and who feel compassion with the children there. They can connect with the lives of the poorest families of India and with their contribution accompany them a bit on their way towards a better future.


  1. Rekha

    Ashram is a sacred place and should be valued accordingly. Atithi devo bhava but we should also know that there is no free lunch. Any guest who looks at ashram as an alternate to a Hotel and not make any contribution is shameful. My suggestion is that there should be a basic charge to cover the expenses.

  2. Rue

    I love this place. How can people be so inconsiderate?

  3. Marie

    It is so fun and touching to see all the children from the school come over and have lunch here at the ashram. They are so energetic and full of life! Just to know that you could help sponsor one of the children to continue going to school and having free lunches is very powerful! I think once you connect with the people here it would be impossible not to want to help!

  4. Mirela

    Here in the Ashram you get connected really quick. But it is not only the family and the kids, it’s also the beauty of the garden, the peace and the silence that you get connected to.

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