Visitors Extending Time at the Ashram – 24 Mar 09


We had another great day. The news is this: Andrea from Germany, Suann from the US and Angie from Canada arrived some time ago and were supposed to leave soon but they decided to stay longer and extended their tickets. It is wonderful! They enjoy their time so much here.

‘There is never a dull moment and the day is so full of wonderful things. We are meditating in the garden in the afternoon and laughing so hard during dinner that our bellies hurt.’ You wake up in the morning and the Sanskrit class is going on, we get a chai, a tea, and then we have breakfast. The children come and then you can watch the monkeys jump through the neighbour’s gardens. ‘The Ashram never seizes to surprise me. It is not at all what I expected.’ ‘I don’t ever want to leave again.’

These and more things they said and it makes me happy to see them happy. And of course to have them here. The energy at the Ashram and the love here is like this that it touches the heart. It is the love which gives you the feeling of being at home, being at a place where you can just be yourself.

Ashram, Happiness

2 Replies to “Visitors Extending Time at the Ashram – 24 Mar 09”

  1. The ashram is truly a special I place, I myself visited some time ago and found it to be truly unique and wonderful experience. Many thanks to your family!

  2. Last night I was walking back and forth on the path in front of the ashram in the moonlight. The moon was almost full and was bright enough to light the path. The sky had a hue of pink and the air was warm and cozy. The sounds of nature surrounded me and I could smell the beautiful trees and plants around me. I was thinking… this is something everyone should experience!