8 Types of People who are not Welcome at the Ashram – 18 Nov 10


In 1995 we started building this Ashram. For the last ten years we have welcomed people from all over India and the world to stay at the Ashram. The Ashram has changed a lot and with time has become more known, more public and more popular. We always get a lot of enquiries from people who want to come to India for different purposes. With all the sweet and sour experiences that we have made throughout the years, we would like to present a list of people whom we would not like to welcome here.

Please do not come to our Ashram,

– If you want to consume drugs or alcohol during your stay. We do not want to have drugs or alcohol on the Ashram premises and also do not allow drunken persons to enter.

– If you are related to or influenced by any sect and in a mission to spread their beliefs to others. We do not approve of sects and their brain-washing, manipulative activities and would not like any of our friends and other guests at the Ashram to be molested by such efforts.

– If you are looking for a guru or master. This is one thing that you will definitely not find here. We all just want to be friends and meet each other on an equal level. There are no followers and no disciples, no gurus and no masters in this Ashram.

– If you are looking for a center of religious worship. This is an Ashram, not a temple, church or mosque. We do not belong to any religion and do not conduct religious services of any kind.

– If you are looking for cheap accommodation or a place to stay for free because you will be asked to contribute by covering the expenses of your living.

– If you are looking for a hotel and expect the services of a hotel. We are not a hotel but an Ashram. You will live in a family and simply share and live together in love.

– If you don’t have interest in our charity projects, the school children and living in the Ashram but merely want to use the Ashram premises as a place.

– If the intention of your trip to India is spiritual sex tourism.

Of course our list can be updated whenever we make another experience. Tomorrow you will read about people whom we love to welcome at this beautiful place.


  1. Diana

    Wow, you are saying that this is a list that comes from your experience, so you must have had drunkards, sect members and missionaries, indifferent tourists and sex tourists at your home…

  2. Stan

    If this is the list of people who are not going to be at the Ashram when I am there, I am really looking forward to my stay!I am interested to see the list of people who are actually welcome but I can already imagine that we will have a community of love there.
    See you in January!
    Light, Blessing and Love, Swami Ji!

  3. Ramona

    Hi Diana,Unfortunately we really had to make a lot of negative experiences. But we learn from everything and this is how this list was made.
    You will see in tomorrow’s diary that the list of positive experiences is much longer and much happier than this one! 🙂

  4. Michelle

    When I saw the title of today’s entry I was a little bit surprised and contemplating whether I should at all read it or not. I don’t like this many rules and negativity but when I did read it, I had to agree with all these points and have to say that it sounds like a great place to stay. I will try to save some money so that i can visit…maybe in five years or so…but I will come for sure some day!

  5. Tom

    Swami Ji its great to have a list like this which gives an idea how an Ashram should be. It will also save you and Ashram people from unexpected trouble.

  6. Swami Balendu

    Yes Tom, we made this list to save us from this kind of troubles. Also the type of people I describe in this diary do not really enjoy Ashram life because their idea and expectations are very different and would not be possible for us to fulfill. So its better to inform them before they come to save them from disappointment. Love

  7. Mareike

    I think it’s sad you’re able to write such a long list that comes from experience!! We talked about this topic a couple of days ago and I totally understand why you don’t want to welcome people as listed above. No one would like to have them here, in the family, especially with the children…..
    I have a lot of respect for you, even though you obviously had bad experiences with visitors, the doors to this peaceful place are wide open and i love that.
    In my short time here I met wonderful people.
    I’m looking forward to your a list of people you would like to welcome here.

  8. Katrina

    Swami Ji, I heard in many Ashrams in India sex is forbidden. Is it like this in your Ashram too?

  9. Swami Balendu

    Yes Katrina, You heard right. Not only sex, some places even have a special dress code for women and many places ask woman to cover their head and shoulders. We don’t have any this kind of rule in our Ashram. Sex is also fully fine, we just do not want to promote sex tourism and pimping around here in the Ashram. We had the experience that people came for exactly this, that is why I wrote about it.Love

  10. Dharma

    I’m sorry you have had bad experiences. But my wish is that the good experiences outweigh them. And you seem incredibly happy and full of life, so I am assuming they do. Your mission seems honest and effective. Your family seems wonderful. I hope one day to visit the ashram and see it for myself. Many happy wishes for all of your present moments.

  11. Thomas Dean

    What?! I can’t believe you get people like this on the ashram! That’s terrible. Why would you even come to an ashram if what you want is alcoholic sex tourism.

  12. Holly

    Sounds like you guys have had some pretty bad experiences. That’s sad, but I know if anyone can handle it with love and a smile- it’s you. 🙂

  13. Emily

    Sounds like there have been some very interesting and strange people staying here before! I love that you mention there are no gurus or followers here and no religion. It is just family, sharing, and love. And that’s how it really feels! You can have alone time if you’d like it and social time when you’d like it. But no rules or restrictions… just lots of fun, love, and peace. Again, the reasons why I wanted to come here!!

  14. Mirela

    Some people may consider this list as very direct and maybe also harsh. But it’s simply a way of avoiding complications and conflicts. This list can help to keep away the ones, who have wrong expectations and clarify misconceptions about the ashram. Good idea!

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