Enjoying Winter Time in the Ashram in India – 12 Nov 09


Today was the first day which was cold. We say that now winter started here and we had to get out the warm clothes. It was also raining the whole day but that will stop soon and the winter is usually dry.

Our friend Dagmar who is here from Germany said that it nearly feels like home. But of course, there it is much more cold there, here it is still about 19 degrees centigrade. In the evening it gets cooler and compared to the 25 degrees that we still had in the last days it feels really cold.

But actually people here enjoy wintertime. They are happy when it gets a bit cold because they don’t have much time in which they can wear warm clothes and cover their heads with hats. And in that time they also enjoy sitting in the sun because it doesn’t burn them anymore. I haven’t been in India in winter for a few years now and I am looking forward to enjoying the cold weather here.

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3 Replies to “Enjoying Winter Time in the Ashram in India – 12 Nov 09”

  1. I’ve only ever been here when it’s warm, so it’s hard to imagine it being cold outside! But it’s definitely nice to have a change of pace with the seasons. Winter is a nice time to reflect inwards and spend time inside with your family. If we look at nature, this is the season when many animals hibernate– so we as humans can hibernate in our own ways. When it’s not actually cold outside, you have to pretend anyway and allow time for rest and reflection. I’d like to enjoy a visit to the ashram in the winter some time!