Ashram – A Place To Come Back To – 18 Sep 10


Yesterday Ramona wrote that nobody can be really sure how long the situation in the flooded area will be like this. Several people are living in different Ashrams nearby, waiting for the water to leave their homes so that they can move back in. I told that we had also offered the families of our school children to stay here with us and that they had sent their boys to the Ashram.

Last week, when we had heard that the water was retreating, we sent the boys home again. Some of them felt homesick, missing their mothers a bit and they were happy to go back. However just one day later one of them came back to the Ashram and asked if he could not stay here longer? We asked if his mother did not have space for him or if their home was that much damaged. He looked to the floor, stammered a bit and then said ‘Well, no, I mean, our house is a bit wet but my mum would not mind. But I just like it here.’ And with a tentative smile he looked up at me and Purnendu. Who would have told him that he could not stay?

We were happy to hear this and welcomed him back and in the next two days all the other boys came back, one by one. Some came the next morning already with all their things to school, others came to school, saw that the first boys were back at the Ashram and straight away asked if they could stay, too.

It is nice to know that they like it here, that the Ashram is a place for them to come and enjoy. Of course now that the water is back in their homes and worse than before, they are anyway glad to be here. Maybe they will remember this time for their whole life and will tell stories about it later. They may say something like ‘I remember, in 2010, when there was a big flood in Vrindavan and our whole colony was drowned, I and my friends went to live at the Ashram, you know, next to my old school, and lived there for more than a month! We had a great time and went to distribute food and clothes and medicine to all neighbors. We helped so much and although it was a difficult time, we had lots of fun!’

2 Replies to “Ashram – A Place To Come Back To – 18 Sep 10”

  1. Nicely Put! Celebrating the good in all things….this is a daily practice. I’m so happy to hear children enjoying themselves even thru a crisis. This is a very important lesion we can teach our children. This lesion of learning not to let the negative situations affect the positive love and lightness inside each of us is life changing and can mean the difference between living healthy or suffering as we age and grow. I really love seeing the happiness in their eyes and hearing this story. Thank you for sharing and caring.
    lots of love

  2. I can see why the boys wanted to return to the ashram. They have very good jobs here, meet new friends, and get to meet travelers from all over the world! Not to mention the food is delicious and the ashram is safe and fun. It’s always exciting times here! 🙂