Ashram brings Happiness to Everybody – 22 Oct 10


Yesterday when Ramona and I were walking in the garden of the Ashram we looked around and noticed again how beautiful the atmosphere is again with so many different people. Next to us we could see my father working in the garden with the gardener and the boys, my mother was in the kitchen with my grandmother and our kitchen team, our friends Regina, Jens and Celina were walking just in front of us, Purnendu was playing with the youngest of our Ashram children, upstairs we could see Yashendu giving a yoga class to retreat participants and through the office window we could see the volunteers at the computer.

There are so many different people from different nationalities who are at the Ashram for different reasons but everybody is very happy to be here and to be with each other. Our friends are happy and enjoy a wonderful holiday with us. The yoga retreat participants are happy to be here, learn more about yoga, do exercise and intensive practice and enjoy Ayurvedic massages. The volunteers came with the intention to help out while getting to know the culture and are happy to be in this family. Our staff, the whole Ashram team, is happy to work here, the boys are happy to play here and we are of course happy to have everybody here! How can you not be happy if you are surrounded by all this happiness?

Today we have another reason to be happy. It is my father’s birthday according to the moon calendar. It is Sharad Purnima and we simply celebrated him and our happiness with a cake and wonderful birthday food.

5 Replies to “Ashram brings Happiness to Everybody – 22 Oct 10”

  1. Dear Swami Ji , thank you for sharing the Happy moments with us :))) It is so wonderful to hear about Happiness and Joy. Reading today’s Diary added even more Happiness to my happy mood :))) You describe the scenery so beautiful I felt like I am walking through the Garden together with you … 🙂 ….very smooth feeling :)))
    Now I wonder why it is that in the “News” they always report about bad things that happen in the world …rare they talk about positive happenings???

    Please wish your Father Happy Birthday, my Best Wishes and much Love …:)))))

    Love to All …:D

  2. Namaste! I absolutely agree with you Swami ji. When one is surrounded with positive energy, people there for a good reason, people there to have a good time, learn something valuable, yes there is lot of happiness. I experience it everyday. I go to work and i meet hundreds of people who come to celebrate their life, their family, their achievements etc. They all come for good reason so they are cheerful, and so the place is filled with sparkling energy. So i know what you are exactly talking about….peace

  3. Ashram makes you also happy when you are not there: We are happy because our friends are happy there and we are happy to be at Ashram in just a few weeks!!