Apra’s German Grandparents in Vrindavan – 28 Oct 16



Apra’s German Grandparents in Vrindavan – 28 Oct 16With everything that has been going on in the past days, it is obviously a little difficult to find time in between to write openly and freely for my daily blog. However, I want to keep you updated, so that you know we are fine and what is happening over here.

Diwali is getting closer and in this year we have two special guests for the Indian festival of lights: Apra’s German grandparents have arrived at the Ashram! It is the first time that they are here after the opening of the restaurant – and they now have the chance to try their way through our whole menu!

We are of course proud to show our restaurant, as they have seen the work going on over the past two years! It is great to sit down and present them with our menu where they can choose from a big variety of dishes! We had an Italian evening already, tasting our way through pasta and pizza and more!

And of course it is lovely to have them here, so that they can play with Apra, read for her and also see how she lives now – with her new routine of going to school, doing homework and the like! They went to pick Apra up at school and visited her classroom, saw the school and met her teachers as well.

So we are enjoying our time together and are now preparing for Diwali – which we are looking forward to show my parents-in-law, too!

Apra, Ashram