Dishonesty with full Honesty – India’s Tour Guide Commission Business – 21 Jul 15


I have told you yesterday about a job interview with a government certified tour guide. He told us people always insisted on giving him money. I already explained that usual tour guides always expect money, directly or indirectly. Today I want to show you more clearly how this man did not make a difference here – even though he thought that he was doing us a favour.

After this man had expressed his attitude towards tips, I was already quite sure that he would not be the right person for us. The next thing he said confirmed this suspicion:

‘Don’t worry, you are Brahman, I am Brahman, I will work for you! I will take them shopping and will give you a share in the commission. We are Brahmans, I will honestly bring you your complete part of the commission!’

Oh, I know that all corruption takes place in complete honesty! In the same way this man was the most honest person of all! He will honestly take our guests to these outrageously expensive shops at the side of the Taj Mahal, convince them that the rubbish these people are selling is of outstanding quality and charge ten times the value of those souvenirs! Honestly he will then take his share from the shopkeeper and put it in his pocket, honestly taking a small part out for us as well.

That’s how a lot of people earn a lot of money in ways and places that they actually should not! How could we ever send a guest with such a person?

Before leaving, this man added: ‘It is good if Brahmans support Brahmans. I support you, you support me!’

My friend had brought this man to introduce him to us and was sitting next to me. That was the only reason why I held back from saying: ‘Oh, you had wrong information, I am from the untouchable cast! And now you drank water and chai in my home!’

I don’t want to bring a friend into such a situation and that’s how I did not say anything like this. I told him very clearly on phone however that this was not the kind of person we are looking for. So Yashendu and Purnendu will keep on going on tours with our guests until we find someone whom we can really trust!

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