5 funny Experiences with Guests at the Ashram – 23 May 13


In the past days I wrote about some funny and strange events that happened at the Ashram due to our visitors. While the ladies I have told about were memorable enough to write complete blog entries about them, there have been several other Ashram guests with whom we had some shorter, funny episodes. Here is a collection of five more:

  1. A young woman from France had booked an Ayurveda Yoga Holiday and had come early toddd enjoy some days at the Ashram. On the first day of her stay she asked whether the Ayurvedic massage included a head massage. Yes, of course, was our answer. Two days later she came to us and asked us where she could get shampoo against hair lice. With an apologetic smile she added: ‘My roommates have dreadlocks and lots of lice so I am never free of them at home. As I am on holiday and taking head massages though, I think I should get rid of them!’
  2. A woman from Eastern Europe was here and had somehow developed an affection for my younger brother. Although this feeling was not returned, she was absolutely sure that he would come in the night and pay a visit to her room. He did not. Maybe she thought that he was too shy to knock and come in, so to make absolutely clear that her door was not locked and the offer valid, she kept the door wide open. In a country like India, you get used to either sleeping under a mosquito net or using insect repellent in your bedroom. If not, you look like this lady the day after – covered by insect bites all over! Not the love bites she had wished for though!
  3. One lady had come to the Ashram for a week or two and surprised us by how little she ate for any meal. She was actually quite large but she ate like a bird! She did however complement the food! So we assumed she may have a health problem of some kind due to which she had so much weight while eating so little. One day however Ramona had to tell her something and thus walked up to her room. She knocked, heard someone say ‘It’s open’, entered – and saw the explanation for all our questions: no illness but a whole lot of cookies, snacks, wafers and more lying on this woman’s bed! The only problem she had was a shyness to say that she did not enjoy Indian food…
  4. Once we had a guest from Japan who told others she was a kind of a healer, knowing some technique that I had never heard of before. One of our other guests happened to tell about a problem he had at the eyes while she was listening. He permanently saw a few black dots at the corner of his field of vision, something that several eye doctors had not been able to fix. When this woman heard this, she offered her help and of course the man accepted. What happened next was that our Japanese guest pressed her thumbs with force onto the eyes of the man! She was successful in one way: the black dots were now not anymore clearly visible but they blurred together with the rest of what he saw to a colourful image! It took him a few hours to recover from her treatment – which unfortunately brought the dots back again.
  5. Another time a female guest walked into the Ashram and after a short introduction asked Ramona ‘So, how far is the beach and the ocean?’ Ramona was totally surprised and answered ‘I think about a thousand kilometers from here…’ and saw the shocked face of our guest. She had seriously not even picked up a map or had a look into Google to see where exactly she would be in India! She had not asked, otherwise we would have told her that we are in the middle of the country! She was obviously disappointed and only stayed for two days before she took another flight – to Goa, for a beach holiday!

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