Enjoy Ashram Life – Make an Experience without Expectations – 25 Nov 11


Yesterday I told about the nice group that we have at the Ashram at the moment for their retreats. It is really nice with everyone and of course their ability to enjoy also comes from their attitude and perception. They were all open and ready to enjoy whatever will come.

Not long ago I already wrote about the right attitude to have when you come to India and especially to our Ashram. I spoke about expectations and after seeing this nice group together here, I thought I could add a few points there to explain a bit better who we are.

Obviously it is again all about expectations. If you come here just like a blank sheet, without any fixed idea in advance and without expectations, I am sure you will enjoy. That is of course easiest if you have never been to India before and if you have never been to an Ashram. Come without having any certain picture in your mind of how it will be and how it could be. Just experience.

Another possibility is that you come after having made several different experiences of Ashrams in India, have been to Yoga retreats, Ayurveda holidays and Meditation courses in the North and in the South and have maybe stayed in different Ashrams where you have always experienced something different. Then you will know that no Ashram is like the other, if they don’t belong to the same tradition. They all have different philosophies and ways of living. In that case, too, you are open to experience whatever will come and don’t have a certain expectation.

What you should not do however is to expect our Ashram to be exactly like any other Ashram. It is not. I can promise you that it is unique. Please don’t expect it to be like that yoga Ashram that you have visited in Rishikesh. We are also not like that Ayurveda center in Kerala where you have been before. What we do is also not comparable to any Ashram in Europe, America or anywhere else around the world.

You will not be happy if you compare. That is true not only for us but also for any other place you visit. Don’t take a previous experience and expect to make the same experience at our place. You will often not even experience the same thing at the same place if you go there again, so how can you expect it somewhere else? We don’t follow anybody and don’t copy anybody. We don’t have any tradition. When you were in another Ashram, you may have had a schedule filled with ceremonies that you should take part in. We don’t have that. Whether that is religious activities that we don’t do or the guru that we don’t have and whom you will search here in vain, if you expect anything, it might be different and you may be disappointed.

We are a family and if you wish to live in a family, be welcomed here as a part of this family and spend your time freely and without any religious restraints, you are at the right place. You will see how a family functions, from the youngest member to the oldest, full of love and respect for each other.

Of course you cannot stop all expectations and that is also not necessary. You will obviously receive everything that is included in your retreat and that you can expect. You can also have other expectations for your program, accommodation and life at an Ashram but please be open to changes in your plan or inner picture. If it is different than you thought, accept it and see the beauty of the difference.

After all, we all are different. Every individual is special and this is how we see our Ashram as something very special that you can enjoy best when you are open to experience something new!

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  1. Swami Ji,you seem to be a very open minded person, not hiding or being shy about your thoughts at all.

    You have also very special signature –
    I believe every line is a path to some quality – when I see the rich lines framing your name, written with small letters leaning backwards, I always think – I do not know this man at all.

    So it is so nice you keep writing, so I can get to know you better.

  2. I so loved my time at the Ashram and it was impossible to compare it to any of my previous visits in India! The main point is, I believe, that you really welcome your visitors in your family, are interested in who they are but don’t try to change them. I just had the feeling of being accepted as I was. I am sure you have heard that before though :)Showers of Love to you and your (or my?) Ashram family

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