3 Types of People that want to stay at our Ashram - 12 Feb 15

I told you yesterday that we get emails by people who have religious interests and want to come here but obviously with expectations that we would not be able to fulfill. I explained the way how we can already read such ideas out of the lines that we get. While we sometimes get such messages, it is however far more often that we get emails of people who have very different thoughts and feelings when they inquire about a stay at the Ashram.

We really get more frequently mails by other kind of people. Apart from the overly religious believer about whom I wrote yesterday, I would like to introduce you to three other types of people from whom we get inquiries:

1. Your average guy/girl looking for stress-relief

The first of these ‘types’ is simply the quite typically ‘mainstream’ person who is fed up with the stress and hectic in corporate life, the anonymity of his work, apartment and life in general. Who may be lonely and suffer from depression, looking for relaxation and stress-relief, or even in physical pain, searching for detoxification, pain-release and exercises that help them soothe current and prevent further pain.

Of course our doors are open for this ‘kind’ of person because we know that Yoga and Ayurveda are sciences that can not only help a lot with physical issues but also provide mental relaxation. A stay at our Ashram can help – and we love getting to know new friends of all stages of life, areas of work and locations of the world!

2. The Health-Conscious with Thirst for more Knowledge

Another kind of person who writes to us is someone who is interested in an alternative lifestyle which doesn’t harm our bodies and our planet. They are vegetarians, vegans, raw food eaters, therapists, masseuses and alternative practitioners – and of course many more. Just someone who knows that Yoga and Ayurveda can give him another point of view, more knowledge, many useful tips and ideas and inspiration to change life further.

We open our arms to those people and enjoy sharing what we know and also hearing what they have learned and experienced. Exchange and providing support – wonderful!

3. The esoteric Hippie on the Dream-Trip to India

This last ‘type’ is the esoterically interested person, the one who would call himself spiritual but not religious. Men and women who are interested in philosophy and different ways of living, who find themselves to be ‘different’ and don’t seem to fit in. They are often about to embark on a long journey to find themselves. To figure out what they really want, who they really are and what it is that makes them happy. They are looking for a deeper sense and want to try in the country of Yoga and Ayurveda.

While I am using the word ‘hippie’, many of the people who fall in this category would not call themselves by this name and I don’t mind or care. I know that our hearts are open to these people as well and we enjoy that we can often be the first haven, the first place that they go to in India, as this country often turns out to be different than they thought. Of course they get with our Ashram, as I explained yesterday, a place without religious dogmas. We love giving them a soft start into this crazy culture and by letting them take part in our life and surrounding them with love and liveliness, we hope that we are able to support them in their quest, their search for themselves!

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