Preparations for the Event ‘Life after Death’ – 23 Jul 15


We are in the middle of our preparations for an event which will take place this weekend, here at the Ashram. We have invited people to come and sign up as body donors. They will agree that after their death their bodies will be given to hospitals so that they can be used for the progress of medicine!

Every religion has its own rituals and ceremonies for the time after death. Some religions burn the bodies, other religions bury them. All of that is done for the benefit of the soul, to get to heaven and to reach similar goals. What should someone do who is not interested in all of these ‘benefits’ because he doesn’t believe in them?

I believe it would be much better to give your body to medicine instead. If any organ can be used to save another person’s life, wouldn’t that be great? It is for me not the thought that you could live on but the idea that even after death, you can help another person to live! Even if you are very old and your organs can really not be transplanted anymore however, medicine can still take benefit from it! Yes, there are so many medical students who need to learn what they will be working with – and they could learn on you!

A long time ago already, my father asked me to find out where and how it is possible to donate his body after his death. You may be surprised but my father is really a very open thinker and has appreciated this thought for a long time!

Finally, on this weekend, he will be able to fill a form confirming exactly this. I have some atheist friends whom I have met over social networks and together we are arranging this meeting on Friday and Saturday. We will get together with more atheists – as religious believers will usually not go this way – and inform them, have talks, meet, get to know each other, make some new friends and help further lives as well as science in this way!

We don’t know how many people will finally come. Over sixty have confirmed their plans but you know how it is in India – it could be a lot more as well! That’s how we are in full preparations for food and accommodation, for making the Ashram nice and ready and of course excited and looking forward!

I will give you a full report on the event on Sunday!

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