An Example of an Inquiry that we denied – 5 Nov 15


A few people have been interested to know more about how we actually tell people to better not come to the Ashram. I can give you a recent example of such an inquiry, a woman who wanted to come to Vrindavan for religious purposes.

This is actually one of the most common reasons for us to say no. The inquiries for this purpose have become very few already because we write all these things very clearly on our website. From time to time however, we get them and such a case was just recently.

In the inquiry form that this woman had filled, she had written in ‘Purpose of Visiting’:

To visit Vrindavan is my dream. I hope that God helps me to do this. It would be great to visit ashram and to live ashram life just for a few days. I want to visit temples, sing Harinama and to do Parikrama

This was already enough to tell us that it would not work out in between us. Here is what we replied:

Thank you very much for your interest in coming to your Ashram. We have received your information.

Unfortunately we don’t believe that our Ashram will be the right place for you. We are non-religious atheists who don’t believe in God or Krishna.

We don’t have any ceremonies nor do we have chanting sessions.

We believe that there will be other places for you to go to where you will be happier as they provide a more spiritual atmosphere and surrounding.

As we are non-believers, we feel you would not really enjoy your time in the surrounding here. We have made the experience that people with religious purposes coming to Vrindavan are not happy at our place and influence our other guests in this direction. They have more interest in religious talk etc and the conversations here in the Ashram are fully the opposite. I think it would not be a comfortable situation for both parties.

Simple, straightforward but still very nice so that nobody gets hurt. This is how we try to keep our answers to such inquiries.

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