Do You and the Philosophy of Your Guru Fit into the Ashram? – 9 Dec 10


Not very long ago I wrote in a diary entry that people maybe don’t realize that I am talking about their guru if I don’t mention his name. I can write fifteen times about a certain guru who materializes gold and ashes and even spits out golden eggs and some Sathya Sai Baba devotees will still think I am writing about someone else, surely not their guru. In the same way, people who are in a sect just never want to realize that they are. Friends and family often fail to make their loved one understand that he or she is being brainwashed. This shows how powerful this process of brainwashing actually is. You don’t even believe those who were once the closest to you.

Well, to make it short, I decided, after some very interesting experiences at the Ashram, that we should be very clear with what we want. I already started by giving a list of people we would like to welcome at the Ashram and a list of people whom we don’t welcome. There I wrote that we don’t welcome members of sects and disciples of gurus who want to spread their belief or the message of their master. Due to the reasons mentioned above, I want to help you to find out whether you are one of these people or not.

Please ask yourself the following questions:

– Does my guru materialize gold, silver, jewelry, ashes or anything else? (there is not only Sathya Sai Baba but many gurus who imitate him and impress their followers with magic tricks)

– Does my guru make statues and idols bleed?

– Does my guru resurrect the dead?

– Am I asked to do anything that higher ranked disciples or group members order me without thinking about it or inquiring further?

– Do I have to pay thousands of Dollars again and again in order to remain in the group, stay a follower, to get enlightened or to receive a special blessing by the Guru?

– Do I have to take drugs in order to reach community feeling, enlightenment, Samadhi, realization, liberation or any other form of reward?

– Am I asked to participate in orgies on the name of Tantra and to have sex with different people or the master in order to attain moksha or liberation?

– Am I ordered to cut any bonds to my friends and family?

– Am I threatened if I don’t obey any of the orders mentioned above?

Did you say ‘yes’ to one or several of the questions above? If you realized just now that you are following a fake guru or are in a sect and if you want to leave them, simply do it. You always have a choice. Depending on how long you have been in that circle of people, it can be a bit difficult but you can make it! And you are welcome at any time at the Ashram to get to know how it feels to freely live spirituality.

If any of these points lies in your past and you have already left a guru or a sect, you are of course very welcome. Additionally you are welcome to report of your experiences on the Fake Guru Forum.

If you however answered ‘yes’ to one or several questions, if you still believe in all this and maybe even want to spread this belief, please don’t come to the Ashram. It would not be a nice time for you nor would it be for us.

I had the feeling that I needed to write this diary and make these points clear again because we are frequently approached by people who could say ‘yes’ to at least 80% of the questions above. These are simply criteria of people with whom we will not enjoy their time at the Ashram and who themselves will not feel good in our home and company. So in order to avoid any such conflicts, please read this entry and decide yourself. If you decide that your answer is ‘no’ everywhere, I will be very happy to welcome you with open arms in my home.

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  1. I am laughing my behind off as I read this list of questions. No, seriously. well, the first ones at least. In reality it is a pretty serious matter. Thanks for sharing.

  2. oh goodness. I understand what it’s like to believe in something so fiercely that you would believe all it professed, also the need to share the message in order to justify the truths. Maybe everyone does it in some small way or another regardless of what they claim to belong to. But I’m glad to be free.

  3. I think your right Swami Ji. We all struggle to realize our own shortcomings. We see madness in others before we see it in ourselves. It is a good reminder to examine our own behavior and to continue to ask ourselves why we do things a certain way or why we believe what we believe.

  4. When you replace rules that you recognize the harm in with rules of your own aren’t you doing the same thing, equally convinced through your own experience that your beliefs have value? We can keep the wisdom, silently, without developing those senses into beliefs. I think you loose what you have transcended when you do that.

  5. In Indian religions, moksha (Sanskrit: ’E”B‘5”D“7 mok63a) or mukti (Sanskrit: ’E”1‘5”D’4“F), literally “release” (both from a root muc “to let loose, let go”), is the liberation from samsara and the concomitant suffering involved in being subject to the cycle of repeated death and reincarnation. (Wikipedia)

  6. Swami Ji,I like that you present your ashram as a home that others are invited to where it makes sense to consider the harmony between family and guests instead of thinking about it as a business. It is a great distinction and seems really natural to me.

  7. I have been looking for an ashram like this for a long time. So many Ashrams just want my money! I always expected that they would be filled with genuinely spiritual people instead. I was wrong.

  8. I wonder why it is that we can hear something 100 times, understand how misguided it is and not believe it belongs to our own way. I think I do this all of the time.

  9. Jessica,I think this happens because we trust ourselves and in a way that is somehow different from the experience of trusting the god we find inside of ourselves. I think it is easy to see from this how others can believe in such harmful things. Blame is useless.

  10. I felt so glad when I found your Ashram… I wanted a spiritual retreat in India, my first experience there! For some time I got a bit dissapointed about the Ashrams, when I started to read about how they are, the Gurus, as I felt that I don’t feel like following any of them (I also felt in a way… what you clearly say in this note) … and finally, I found you! It didn’t take me too long to decide that your Ashram was the perfect place for me, to share, feel and learn with freedom, the way of spirituallity. And everyday that I read your notes, I can corroborate that I was not wrong in my first impressión about you!
    When I also read about helping and colaborating with children I wanted even more to be there!

    I am looking forward to meet you in October-November and experience in first hand, what my soul is guessing that the experience with you it is going to be…

    Thanks for being here, thanks for your friendship, for your transparency, for your charity; thanks for your love, for your help… Thank you for just, existing!

    Lots of love.

  11. Dear Betty,Thank you for your nice words. We would love to welcome you here at Ashram. Let us know early enough so we can have a place for you here in our rooms, too, but with your sweet words you have definitely found a place in our hearts.

  12. This philosophy at your ashram is exactly why I picked it, out of all the ashrams in India! I felt so comfortable knowing that I could come here and be accepted because of the openness and love in your home. And it truly feels like staying at your home! Not some big estate with hundreds of followers coming to find themselves. It’s like we are all a part of the family, eating meals together, and sharing a lovely space.

  13. Hello Swamiji,I have something to add.. Please let me know your chat ID, so that I may converse with you. I have some observations, which I do not wish to share here.
    Thanks in advance..

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