Joy at the Ashram – 23 Jan 10


Today was a beautiful day. Yesterday in the evening we watched how the fog became more and more dense and reached like clouds into the Ashram until the doors. And today until midday it was still foggy and grey but then the clouds opened some holes to let the sun shine through and after some time it was so beautiful to walk outside in the sun.

Babbaji came back today from a three-week-long journey through India on which he visited old friends. He was supposed to come in the morning by train from Amritsar but at this time all trains are getting very late because of the fog and that is how he didn’t arrive at 10 o’clock in the morning but at 5 o’clock in the evening. And he brought some presents for the people of the Ashram which made them very happy.

It was beautiful to see how much happiness Babbaji had when giving to Ammaji, Ramona or the small ones. This is the real joy of giving presents: the feeling of giving happiness. Of course Kanu and Suraj right away started playing with their toys and were so excited about them that they told the whole Ashram to watch playing. It was much fun and we are happy that Babbaji is back.

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  1. I love it when a certain type of weather gives you special feelings inside. Like when there is thunder, lightning, and rain, I always feel excited and a little spooky! When it’s foggy, there is an element of mystery in the air. When the full moon is out (like last night), it makes you feel magical and insightful. When it’s sunny, it makes you want to run, play, and jump for joy! And when it snows, it makes me feel cozy and cuddly, and I like to read a book and snuggle up by the fire. Nature provides beautiful experiences if you will listen closely and express!

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