Apra’s birthday Week full of Events – 12 Jan 15


We have had a week which was very full but very nice! With Apra's grandfather here and her birthday, we had lots to do and had loads of fun!

I told you that we picked my father-in-law up from the airport last Sunday early morning. After a slow drive through the fog to Vrindavan, we thoroughly enjoyed our Sunday. And then things just happened, the days were full and we don't even know how the week passed!

One big event was that the glass walls and doors of our restaurant arrived and were installed. It is exciting to watch how they place the big glass panes into the wall and the open structure suddenly turns into a room, no, a restaurant hall! They had a construction of tables to work on, which we were impressed by, as they did not fall off once. We all went often to check on the progress of the work and finally, on the last day of Ramona’s father’s stay here, it was completed!

Admiring the glass work was not our only activity though! We have several guests at the ashram whose retreats are going on and we spent time with them – but also with preparations for the day Apra has been looking for so long: her 3rd birthday!

We had not invited anybody especially but of course close friends knew and came, so that we had, together with our big Ashram family, quite a party again! Apra was so excited, already during the time of decoration! She refused to wear any of the new clothes she herself had bought and insisted that she would wear a dress, otherwise how should she dance? So we took out her dress of Diwali and put in on above the warm winter clothes. She still looked adorable!

With the wonderful help of a guest, a cook from Germany who is here to bake with us, we had pizza in the evening and then a gigantic and incredibly tasty birthday cake! It was so delicious that it caused overeating in more than one person! 🙂

A lot of gifts followed – that day and the following – and we were nearly still in birthday mood when we took off to Delhi today! We spent the day with Monika in Gurgaon and in the evening dropped my father-in-law off at the airport. A big goodbye and off he went – as I said, time flew by but we had a good time!

Tomorrow I will let you know how Monika is improving.

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