Apra and Thomas united again – never tired of having Fun together! – 11 May 16


Today we will leave Wiesbaden and go towards Augsburg, the area where Ramona grew up and where Apra’s German family lives. We had time to truly arrive in Germany – and of course we enjoyed being with Thomas and Iris a lot!

We all loved our time but I think it won’t be wrong to say that especially Apra had a blast! It was a wonderful reunion with our friends at what we call our ‘Wiesbaden Ashram’! Although we are constantly in touch and they know about our restaurant and everything going on there, it is a different feeling to be sitting together and telling it all face to face! To feel their enthusiasm about our venture, to share all our feelings as well – it was amazing!

We had not really made any plans this time but had very full days nevertheless. We talked, went shopping, played with Apra and cooked together. For Apra, it was also particularly great to be back! She has been to at least four different playgrounds in the past days and was overjoyed with all the possibilities there! Due to the fact that she now has a playground practically at home, she is less afraid than before and dares to go on a slide or swing. Nevertheless, there were a lot of new things to explore, to practice and to play with.

More than any equipment, it was the company that brought her joy. Our friend Thomas and Apra together – a team that never gets tired of playing lots of funny games, doing nonsense together and laughing until the belly hurts!

We went swimming together, something which is offered a lot in Germany but very little in India. Obviously, Apra loved it like crazy and we told her we would go to swim in every other city we visited, too.

On Sunday evening we were invited by Pavan and his family, the owners of the ‘Zimt & Koriander’ restaurant in Wiesbaden which has been supporting our children for many years now. They have just been in India and visited us there as well and so it was a very beautiful evening of sharing stories, exchanging experiences and more.

Finally, I had my official appointment for my residence permission – and it went even better than I thought, which now brings a new set of changes… but more about that tomorrow!

Apra, Travelling

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