Apra with her German grandparents in Augsburg – 13 May 16


So we are in Augsburg, already packing our suitcases for our journey to Lüneburg, to the North of Germany tomorrow. As expected, it was a short but intense and very nice time with Apra’s German grandparents!

We anyway talk over skype every week, so that Apra gets to see them. This helps – the initial shyness is normal and natural but after that, she can joke with them and be her jolly self. She enjoyed hearing them read books to her and her grandma even baked cookies together with her!

As I already told you, we also wanted to go swimming – especially because Ramona had told Apra that she had always gone for a swim together with Apra’s grandfather when she was a kid. So they walked over to the indoor pool that is really close – but it was closed! The winter season is over – but the summer season has not yet started! The outdoor pool is still closed. And apart from that, the weather was not really friendly or warm enough for going for a swim outside! So instead of searching for another swimming pool, Apra’s grandpa invited her to go into his own, in-house swimming pool – the bathtub! She loved it!

Apra didn’t really mind the weather, anyway. In fact, she really seemed to love the rain! And she very well remembered having built a snowman just a few months before together on her grandfather’s balcony!

Now we are getting ready for tomorrow’s trip and although it was a very short time again, we are happy that we could come!

Apra, Travelling