Can Men have Babies? Why not? – Questions of a Four-Year-Old – 8 Mar 16


I yesterday told you how fascinated Apra was by the fact that we have friends, couples, who are together but not married. She is at least as fascinated by the idea of women getting babies!

For a long time already, Apra knows that she came out of Ramona’s belly. We have been telling her the story of how she was in the belly, we went to the hospital and the doctor cut open the belly of her Ma and got her out. We tell her how much we were looking forward and how beautiful it was to finally see her. Until a short while ago, this was all about her, as she was busy with learning more about her own identity. Now however, she is getting older, knows much about herself and wants to know more about the world around her. And that obviously includes babies of other people, too!

So she asked Ramona whether only women get babies. Could men not get babies as well? And why not? The next question was about how many babies could be in one mother’s belly. Twins, triplets, quadruplets… It took a while for her to comprehend that this would mean that all those children are of the same age and not that all siblings are twins or triplets!

Now she gets happy whenever she sees a pregnant woman. She excitedly calls Ramona or me and shows us the pregnant woman, telling us that she would get a baby soon. Then she usually asks further questions which we cannot normally answer: when will the baby come out? How many babies are in there?

When we were at the hospital for one of Monika’s check-ups recently, she saw a pregnant doctor with her white doctor’s coat just about closing over her belly. Apra got so excited she could hardly stop herself from pulling Ramona at her shirt towards the woman: ‘Look, Ma, a doctor who will get a baby! She has a baby in her belly!’ Of course her thoughts moved further and a question followed: ‘Who will help her get the baby out?’ Oh well, another doctor of course – and as she was the head of the dentists’ department, she would not be doing deliveries on daily basis anyway…

I love her curiosity, even if it is sometimes a bit much of the never-ending ‘Why?’ and ‘Why not?’ It helps her gain more and more knowledge, understand the world better and get a better idea of life! A new, four-year-old being on this world wants to understand better how life works, how it starts – isn’t it beautiful?

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