Apra enjoying the first Snow of her Life in Germany – 23 Nov 15


I told you yesterday that we were about to start our day trip to Hamburg – and we had really the most wonderful time! How come? Apra saw and felt snow for the first time of her life!

When we started in Lüneburg, there were some tiny snowflakes falling from the sky, it was not even enough to call it snow and we were quite sure that was all that we would get, as the weather forecast had not predicted any snow. We had planned to go to an area of Hamburg where Michael wanted to show us a beautiful scenery and view at a street called Elbchaussee, at the side of the river Elbe.

Already on the highway however, we knew that it would be slightly difficult to have a good view: the further we came on the highway, the flakes became bigger and closer together and finally we reached Hamburg, seeing mostly white snow everywhere around!

Instead of being disappointed that we didn't have the expected view however, we were delighted, excited and very enthusiastic to get out of the car and into this white winter world outside! For Apra, it was the first time to see snow and while we had told her about it and even showed her videos, real snow was another story! She was very fascinated when looking out of the window and when we got out, it was first of all too cold and wet to really enjoy – but once the snowing stopped a bit, she simply loved it!

We took a break in a Bavarian-style hut where Ramona felt right at home with Bavarian songs, waiters in Lederhosen and south German specialties. 🙂

When we came out, we had a snow ball fight – or tried at least. Apra felt the snow in her hands, with and without gloves and enjoyed the sensation very much but she hesitated throwing, knowing that someone would then throw back at her, too! And finally, we had a beautiful view as well as an even more beautiful scenery, as everything was covered in white snow!

We are thoroughly happy! When booking this journey, we had had the idea that we might get snow and wished for it, too, as we wanted to give Apra this experience as well. When we arrived here, however, it was 10 degrees centigrade and more, making it seem like we would have to go up the Alps in order to find snow! Now we already had snow, Apra has felt it and she can tell everyone at the Ashram about it!

Apra, German