How happy a Child can be about the Wipers of a Car! – 17 May 16


Sitting in the car in Augsburg, I saw another example of how Apra got happy at the small things. It started raining, something that people don’t usually get happy about. For Apra, it was the entertainment of the whole car rides from and to the shopping center!

She sat in her car seat and suddenly started laughing loudly, pointing at the windshield. Ramona asked and tried to look outside from her angle to understand what she had seen outside but couldn’t make it out. When Apra had calmed down a bit, she could finally explain, under giggles, what was so funny: her grandpa would wipe away the rain from the windshield but it would immediately all come back dripping onto it!

She looked at Ramona and said ‘Wouldn’t it be fun if every car window had this?’ Ramona told her that only the windshield and the rear window had wipers – which made her turn around and wait for the rear window to do the same!

Again, Apra turned to Ramona and said ‘It would be so funny if every car had those!’ We smiled at her: ‘Every car HAS those!’ and she was completely surprised: ‘Also in India?’ Upon confirming, that cars in India had that, too, and yes, also our car had wipers on the windshield and the rear window, she was overjoyed!

She spent the remaining time looking at the wipers in front and back and the raindrops on her own window. Again, it was so wonderfully exciting for her: ‘OH LOOK! This big raindrop is eating all the others! There! It vanished down here!’

Obviously, she had not seen rain while being in a car in Vrindavan. We don’t have a lot of rain and when it rains, we don’t often happen to be sitting in a car. The rain made this a great car ride and we were just happy to watch her joy over this simple thing.

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