Our Baby Girl Apra is born – 10 Jan 12


Last night, on 9th January, Ramona gave birth to our beautiful girl. I have become father now. We called our daughter Apra. Apra means feminine energy. I don’t know how to describe all the feelings I had when I touched her and held her in my hands for the first time. I was just looking at her and tears were flowing down my cheeks. Then she opened her brown eyes, looked at me and her surrounding, trying to recognize something and wondering where she was now. She cried a little and became quickly quiet again. She closed her eyes and I think she fell asleep. I am amazed by this wonderful miracle of nature. How divine is this feeling! Ramona and I were looking at our baby’s peaceful face the whole night long. It is difficult to take my eyes off her face. Sometimes she opens her eyes and then closes them again. From time to time she smiles as though she is dreaming and the next moment she pulls her face as though she will cry but without really crying she is soon fine again. This game is going on. Listening the sweet noise of her drinking milk lets my tears flow again. This great and amazing feeling is hard to describe. I wanted to share our happiness with all of you and would love to get your blessings for our Apra.

Ramona, our whole family and I are very thankful for all your best wishes and congratulations.

See some of Apra's photos

Apra, Personal statement

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  1. Even though it’s an anxious time for dad to see his little girl grow up. But I am sure when she is born; she is the family’s sweetest angel. Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl

  2. Just now i have read Balendu’s diary and seen all the photngraphs. Apara is very beautiful. Balendu and ramona seem to be very happy. Ammajee, munnu and all are also very happy. It is very pleasent to see happiness on all faces. May god bless the little child.

  3. Natasha Tasteven Dear Ramona and Swami Ji,Congrats to You and Your family on the arrival of little angel, may God bless Apara with good health and prosperity.

  4. My heartfelt Blessings for Apara and the Proud parents!! As the Father of 2 beautiful grown Daughters I know the wonder you 2 feel, you will never forget these precious moments. 🙂 Enjoy her with all your Heart!!!!

  5. The feelings you describe sound so familiar to me. Although the birth of my three sons was more than 19 years ago, I will never forget. So will you and Ramona! And all of you three look so happy 🙂 Sending my love and blessings to you.

  6. Congratulations to the proud parents and the entire family on the addition in the family..Thanks for sharing the news and the pictures. Happy to be the part of your joy. She is very precious gift from God. Enjoy each moment with her. Sending my Blessings to the Goswami family. Have a Blessed Day!!

  7. बहुत बहुत बधाई आपको ! इस ग्रह पर तुम्हारा स्वागत है अपरा

  8. She is a beautiful happy looking baby! Many blessings to you and Ramona. Your lives are now changed forever, because there is nothing quite like having a child around the house.

  9. Congratulations Swami Ji, Ramona and baby Apara, what a wonderful blessing, I could not be happier for you all. She’s adorable and beautiful. Lots of Love to you from Whitehorse !!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

  10. Congratulations to you and Ramona! What a miracle it is to see a new and precious life in the world! May Apara be your most delightful teacher yet! She looks very contented and surrounded by love. Sending you all my love strength and compassion for the journey that lies ahead. Oh, and a few solid hours of sleep! X

  11. it really is the miracle of life. You can not describe it, you just have to live it!Blessings to Apara, she is very sweet. Pics are beautiful.Peace to the three of you.

  12. Hearty Congratulations Bhaiya…..am so happy for all of you….ur nomenclature is full of memories for our dear ‘Paraa’….she was one of d sweetest girls I’ve ever met….

  13. Oh – congratulations, my friend! Now you are truly a link in a longer chain, no longer an endpiece. Your life is now changed forever. This is amazingly good news. Thank you so much for blessing the world with your beautiful offspring. I wish you all an incredibly happy life – which I know you will have.

  14. Congratulations for you both…. Having a baby must be the most precious gift in the world, and also in life… Apara is a really cute and beautifull…. I think I have never seen a baby smiling so much when just born! … No wonder she will ve a very happy person, with you as her parents, and the life I’m sure she will have… She is already a very rich baby! Thank you very much for sharing these special moments with us. Hope to meet you soon! God bless you all.