Treasuring every precious Moment with my Baby – 5 Oct 16


Today I woke up in the morning, as usual next to my lovely wife and cute daughter. While Ramona went into the bathroom, I cuddled with Apra, enjoying the time before having to wake her up. And while holding her like this, I once more felt how precious this little being is in my life!

It is amazing how quickly time passes and how fast children grow! From the day she was born, I loved holding her in my arms! That feeling to be holding a tiny being that reaches just from your hand to your elbow, completely dependent on you and completely in charge of your heart, love and feelings!

In that time, I loved lying next to her or have her lying on my chest, listening to her breathing. After four-and-a-half years, too, I lie next to her or roll her over onto my chest. Now her long legs hang down and her little breaths often turn into mumbling in her dream.

Oh, does she dream! There are nights when she wakes up Ramona and me with her kicking legs or her loud dream conversations. Sometimes she laughs but sometimes she starts shouting out in protest, visibly unhappy about something. In those times, too, Ramona and I love to hug her and tell her that everything is alright, knowing that this calms her down each time.

What would life be without her? I cannot even imagine! Of course she tests her limits in daytime, of course there are more than enough instances of her fighting with the boys about little things, completely unnecessarily. But that is just part of the game, isn’t it? Growing up and making experiences, learning and exploring.

I am happy and proud to be her guide on this path – and I treasure such moments like this morning!

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