A Parent’s greatest Joy: seeing your Child incredibly happy – 11 Sep 14


The person who has been looking forward the most to this week’s journey to Germany was Apra! We told her about a week ago that we would go – and it was so nice to see her happiness! She jumped around, danced of joy and laughed. Whenever we talked about Germany after that, we could see this display of happy feelings and we talked about how great it was that in children like her, you can still exactly watch her inner world while adults have so many covers in front of it!

It became a game for her to tell people whether they would be allowed to go to Germany with her or not. On the last day before starting, she insisted on packing her suitcase and then pulled it around the Ashram, making sure nobody could miss that she was on her way to Germany now.

As she was wide awake at the airport, she could pull this same small, red suitcase to the security check and to the gate herself. Throughout the whole journey, be that in the flight or at the airports, you could see the smile, that joy and excitement in her face.

We took what felt like a hundred rounds on the escalator while we were waiting for boarding and while one of us was with Apra, the other one had to wave each time she walked by.

In the plane, she wrapped herself in the blankets, had a big feast with the food that we had brought and what was offered in the plane, had some ‘red juice with salt’, read some of her books, played the games the airline gave for children and then fell asleep, happy and satisfied.

Really great was the way how she walked towards the exit of the Frankfurt airport – hopping with each step, an anticipatory smile on her face, laughing about little things she saw, pointing them out to us, her exclamations another expression of her joy.

Yesterday evening, when going to bed, Ramona said ‘It was a nice day, in the plane and now here!’ and she smiled. This morning – when we all woke up around 4 am – she said ‘We are in Germany!’ and smiled.

I tried to express what I see in words but I seem to fail. It is difficult to express the joy, that warm feeling that I have in my heart when I look at my daughter and see this shine in her eyes, that smile that she cannot stop, when I hear her singing and see her playing happily.

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