Deep Breathing Saves you from your Anger – 25 Jan 10


Yesterday I wrote about breathing more deeply and how many benefits you can get from this. Of course it is a great benefit just in the normal day, in everyday’s life but it also is really worth taking a deep breath in other situations, too.

One of these situations obviously is when something happens that makes you suddenly very angry. If it is really bad you feel how your blood pressure rises, you hear how the blood rushes into your head, the head gets red and you feel the heat and you want to shout or hit something or kick the wall. Ever had this situation? Did you really kick the wall or hit something? If yes, you know that you didn’t get anything good from that. It is just not worth to hurt your hand or break a toe just for this short moment of anger.

If your employee just told you that he accidentally deleted a whole harddisk full of important files or if your boss just called to call you in for another important meeting although you had plans for a romantic dinner with your partner, take a deep breath. Or better: take a few times a deep breath which fills you fully with air and close the eyes and slowly exhale again. Feel how your blood pressure is reduced, how your head cools down again and how your anger gets less urgent, less strong, less important.

There is something good in everything and you will have to make the best out of situations that you just cannot change. Of course you need to tell your employee that he made a mistake, but he probably knows that already and doesn’t need you to shout at full voice at him for noticing that it was wrong. Nothing is as dramatic as it seems in the first moment and this is how a few deep breaths can save you from your own anger.


5 Replies to “Deep Breathing Saves you from your Anger – 25 Jan 10”

  1. So much truth breathing deeply saves you from many things. I find when I breath slow and deep unprocessed emotions become intergrated in to my heart….when I allow my heart to soften to what ever is there, with acceptance, I allow each breath to take me deeper into my heart….so deep that everything just disappears, no more anger, no more emotions , no more me…..

  2. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, I facilitate in helping others feel their feelings so that they can express them in safe and contained ways. Negative impacts can occur in our life when we repress and hold in our emotions. Finding safe ways to express our emotions, including anger, is critical for healthy living. There may be many levels of emotion, so it’s important to shed one layer at a time.

  3. I am reading about the US elections and I suppose I clicked on anger without noticing because I feel very angry. This entry is very helpful to me, even in-spite of my current cloudiness.

  4. Breathing is so important to the state of the mind and body. The nervous system has 2 branches: sympathetic and parasympathetic. The sympathetic branch is known as “fight or flight” and is used when the body needs to act quickly in a situation of panic, fear, or emergency. The parasympathetic branch is known as “rest and digest” and is used when the body is relaxed, resting, and calm.
    While the sympathetic branch causes the body to breathe rapidly and choppy, the parasympathetic branch allows the body to breathe slowly and deeply. And that is the key!!

    Even if our minds feel stressed or upset, we can consciously breathe slowly and deeply to induce the parasympathetic nervous system. This tells the body, everything is okay, we can relax and release. This reversed process helps boost the immune system, relieve stress, and soothe emotions that can harm the body like anger.

    Breathe deep! It will change your life!