From Attachment to Desire to Anger – 27 Jul 08


I was talking yesterday about desire and attachment. In the Gita it is also said that desire comes from attachment. If a desire is unfulfilled, it turns into anger and anger makes you blind. In anger you cannot see the truth and your wisdom is gone. When your wisdom is gone, you have lost much. It is the biggest loss that you can have. We need to go into the love. Not into attachment. I have talked much about love and attachment before. You need to love. This only is the way to see the truth.


  1. Marine Layer

    I would like to know how you work on ridding yourself of desire. I want to live. I want to eat. I want to be successful. I am studying to become a Lawyer. If I was not a Lawyer what would I have?

  2. Anonymous

    I think, as Swami Ji has said you have lost much if you have lost wisdom. The world can be very confusing. Everyone around you is telling you this and that is very important. Success is important, your career and family are important, the rules are important. These various manifestations are not an enemy. They can be beautiful. But to believe in them and their importance may leave you confused. To rid yourself of desire you can put space around your thoughts and feelings. Watch yourself thinking and feeling. You may do this by taking a breath. Be aware that you are breathing. This is a moment of consciousness without thought. Realize that you are not your thoughts and feelings but the awareness behind them. Sometimes it is so hard to believe that things are not so important. Something in you becomes very angry that you wish to dis-identify with your thoughts. It fights for its life like a starving dog. This body of emotion is in you but it is not you. Allow it to be there. Watch it softly (not as an enemy, because it only wishes to live and you can understand that)and be the awareness behind it. If you do this again and again until it becomes the way of things, your resistance to circumstance will relax. Your desires will soften and your fears will subside. The emptiness you have created will make room for the boundless beauty around you to be absorbed; the bright sunshine, a child’s smile, a birds song.

  3. Tanya Lyn

    Attachment is pretty deadly. Like anger, it just searches to create more of itself, not to solve a problem. It is blind and cannot see a solution. It can only be temporarily quenched, and then just gets worse. It is an extremely unattractive quality, yet one with which I identify incredibly. I believe i am lucky, to be able to see how harmful this attribute is in myself, and also the uselessness of it. Waiting for it to pass can be painful. Being able to see it, and often feeling unable to stop it, can be really hard on the emotions, it is a mind game- a painful one.

  4. Emily

    I think a good practice for learning how to release attachments is to give your love without expecting anything in return. This is a practice in altruism. If you can truly give with good intentions, for the sake of giving, then you will not expect something in return. When you do not have attachments or expectations for receiving, then you will not be disappointed. But most of the time, if you give love with pure intention, you do receive something back!

  5. Tricia

    It is definitely true that anger makes you blind, and then you loose your judgement and willingness to understand…but I wonder, how does one go into the love, not into the attachment? Many times I have found that many of my friends who are in relationships are only in them to be in a relationship, not because they actually like the person they are with but they view a relationship as a thing to attain…I know it’s being in love with the idea off being in love…but how do you stop yourself from doing that?

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