Our Yoga and Ayurveda Retreats now also for low Budget Travellers! – 3 May 16


With our restaurant in full swing, we have not only worked with all the things surrounding Ammaji’s, but we have also realized that this changes our current business with Yoga and Ayurveda Retreats at the Ashram! Not only because we can now offer our delicious food at Ammaji’s Ayurvedic Restaurant! No, because we can help people realize their dream of travelling to India – even if they are on a low budget!

Yes, obviously the start of our restaurant made us think about how we would like to keep it with our retreats. It was clear from the beginning that guests could eat at the restaurant and enjoy meals there. After all, we eat there as well – and would love to share that experience with new friends, too. At the same time however we thought of those who sometimes ask whether they could reduce the cost of being with us by excluding meals. While we had, until now, always said no, as we were all eating at our home and together, we thought it would now not be a problem to offer this possibility!

That’s how you can now book all our retreats either with or without all meals. Similarly, one can now decide to only stay with us and enjoy the atmosphere at the Ashram – and enjoy separate meals at Ammaji’s whenever one feels like it. Every in-house guest will receive a discount of 10% at our restaurant, too!

We felt really good with this decision and put these changes onto our website. Just a day later, we thought of another kind of inquiry we always use to get: there are a lot of young people travelling on a low budget who would love to join yoga classes or take a retreat with regular Ayurveda massages but could not afford it. We always had the offer for volunteers to work at the computer but now there is a whole new dimension of possible help: we could use a helping hand at the restaurant at all times!

That’s how we now offer a complete new possibility for young volunteers to come and stay: if you are travelling on a low budget, would like to do Yoga and Ayurveda and have thought of offering your work to reduce your cost, you can now take part in one of our retreats, work at the restaurant for six hours and pay only half of the price!

We are already getting the first inquiries for this special offer and I think it will be a great way to exchange help for each other! We are already looking forward to having new helpers here!

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