Shopping for Ammaji’s in Germany – 19 May 16


We are back home.

In the morning we arrived in Delhi at the airport with all our huge luggage. I don’t know whether I already told you or not but we did a whole lot of shopping in Germany! We went to two wholesale markets to buy things for our restaurant which we don’t get in India or which are much better in Germany in terms of quality.

Additionally I had the idea to bring strawberries to India – for making strawberry ice cream out of original and fresh strawberries which we only find with difficulty in India. In Erkelenz I thus went to the supermarket together with Sonja to get some of those delicious red berries. When going in, we saw two stacks of strawberries at the entrance. We asked how much they were and the lady said they were to be thrown out and not for sale. After buying five kilogram of strawberries inside, we came out and saw the strawberries again. We now asked the lady why they would throw them away, as they looked perfectly fine. Sonja then started a conversation with her about how food should not be wasted – and in the end the lady gave us all the remaining strawberries for free! Nine more kilogram of strawberries!

Oh yes, and we brought them to Wiesbaden in the train, mashing only a few of them which were at the bottom of our bag! There we bought some sugar and spent yesterday the complete morning on cooking strawberries with sugar! Then there was a problem: which container could be the right one to take fourteen kilogram of strawberries plus sugar in the form of a sweet sauce in a plane to Germany?

So we took another trip! We ended up buying a canister which is normally used for transporting petrol! Stable, won’t break and will close tightly! We filled our delicious sweet sauce in there and packed it into a hard case suitcase! We laughed about the idea what might happen at the airport scans – because for sure, transporting petrol is not allowed and how would the scanner know it is strawberry sauce?

Having reached India, we opened our suitcase and here is the confirmation: a letter saying our suitcase was opened and inspected. Can you imagine the person who did the test and found it all to be strawberry sauce instead of petrol? I hope they had a good laugh, too!

And that, my dear readers, is how our guests will now get strawberry ice cream made from real German strawberries! This is something I can promise you no other restaurant here will provide!

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