Our German Waitress in Ammaji’s Ayurvedic Restaurant – 26 Aug 16


I have told you several times about my experience as a waiter in Ammaji’s Ayurvedic Restaurant. Today I would like to write you about the experience of a co-worker, our only permanent female staff member in the service team: my wife Ramona! 🙂

In spite of some hesitation in the beginning, Ramona actually started enjoying waiting on tables a lot! I mention her hesitation because I know she is a perfectionist and thought herself not able to actually do this work well. Such doubts were obviously unfounded and for no reason – now she spends hours every day welcoming guests, getting their feedback and serving them meals and water. And loves it!

The beautiful thing is that our guests love it as well – something that I had known from the beginning, even before we opened and Ramona used to take her place at the cashier counter while we were ‘in the field’. Once we had found a reliable person to man that computer, I asked Ramona to join us in direct contact to our guests.

The moment she steps to a table with a water jug in the hand, the eyes of all sitting persons go towards her in astonishment. When she asks, in perfect Hindi, how everyone is and whether they enjoy their meal, the eyes get wider and smiles appear on people’s faces: Oh, you speak Hindi? Great, great, we love it here!

Yes, that is a fact, even someone who would feel there is any little bit of imperfection in our food will forget about that the moment my lovely wife comes to the table. She handles any requests swiftly and of course people feel special being attended to by the owner of the place with her lovely way of speaking and acting. I cannot even count how many of our guests have requested to take selfies with my wife, proudly posting them on social media afterwards. And a surprising amount of guests has learned a few basic words of German at some time of their lives!

So while we are of course still taking care of our website, the emails, our guests and the school, also Ramona has found a new occupation that she enjoys!


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