Hosting Events like Birthday Parties and Kitty Parties at Ammaji’s – 2 May 16


I have taken not only the task of serving at our restaurant in the evenings but also one more: I am the one managing the waiting list! With a current sitting capacity of 42 people, we are again and again running out of space and people have to wait for a table. I write down their names and call them once their table is free and prepared. The fact that I now do this daily makes one thing very clear: we have to open our first floor as soon as possible!

Yes, now even the afternoons are often getting full: we have a lot of inquiries for ‘Kitty Parties’. For those who don’t know what that is, I will give a quick explanation. As far as I have understood the concept, it is a club of ladies – mostly about twenty of them – who can be friends or just acquaintances, with one or two having the leading role. They make a small monthly contribution to the financial funding of their meetings. At these, they visit a restaurant of their choice, which is obviously now Ammaji’s for many of them, and get together, have snacks or a meal and play a variation of bingo with often hand-made bingo cards.

These parties take place in the afternoons. After that, we now often get reservations for birthday parties or wedding anniversaries! People already know that they cannot just turn up with a group of twenty people and expect to find empty tables! So they call before and reserve their seats, which is nice for us, too. It gives us the possibility to plan in the kitchen and to make the required setting for the amount of people beforehand!

We even got an inquiry by students of the biggest university of the area for catering at their farewell party but we politely declined – we are already involved in so many different activities and have enough to do just at the restaurant without having to worry about how we will get warm food to another place and serve it nicely there! Maybe we will do that another time!

What we do plan already is to have buffet-style options for meals as well, once we have a bigger space for it. There are anyway more plans already, to use a part of our garden for sitting in nature and eating there, for example. With the pathway in the middle removed, it could be a beautiful place that will allow us to host some of those bigger parties that people were already asking for, too!

All of this and all of our plans for the future will work out not only with our own effort and love in this project but also with the great work of our staff! That is something which we always know and that’s how we regularly have meetings with everyone, talking about the events at the restaurant, everything positive and what didn’t go as well – and we feel we are thus on the way to create something really special!

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