Be Addicted to the Drug of Love – 22 May 08


Very often I meet people who say from themselves that they are spiritual and that they live a spiritual life. However not all of them have the same idea about this like me. Many people say that they have visions and after some talk it turns out that they use to take drugs and get high through this. But it is not at all spiritual to get high by smoking or taking drugs. If you give anything to your body that changes your consciousness, it is a drug.

This happens all over the world, also in India. And in the Western World I unfortunately meet many young people who received wrong guidance from someone and think they experience spirituality when they are on drugs. They are not in control of themselves in these times. Drugs are controlling them and often on my way these people feel attracted by my energy. They have a spiritual interest but they are on the wrong way.

Sometimes I cannot help them. I want to and I give them love but they do not want to make a decision to leave this addiction. Some of them don’t have the willpower to decide it and others think their energy is very high when they take these drugs. And when they see that I do not appreciate that at all they often go away from me. I told about my idea of a centre for youth without any drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. I would like to introduce to the young people the most powerful drug that does not harm your brain and your energetic field: Love. It can bring you in real ecstasy and you can be happier than with any drug! I feel that if you have love you do not need any drug, you do not need anything that changes your consciousness. You have love, that is enough.

6 Replies to “Be Addicted to the Drug of Love – 22 May 08”

  1. swami ji has given us a very beautiful message that addition is not a bad thing unless and and until u know what kind of addiction you are far as your addiction is towards god it fine but if u have started taking such things which make you unconscious to get high and feel that now you are more near to god this is wrong.we should have the addiction of love towards god and people you are in between.

  2. Love is most certainly a drug! It can give you the greatest highs and lowest withdrawals. I can personally say that I have been addicted to the feelings of love. It can actually be somewhat of a negative thing, if you are dependent on the love of other people. I think maybe the cure to this addiction is to be your own source of love so that it never runs dry! Of course you can receive love from others and give them your love, but you won’t be dependent or reliant on the love from others because you are your own beautiful wellspring of love!