You are currently viewing No Need for Alcohol or Cigarette in Parties and surely not in Pregnancy – 3 Jul 09

No Need for Alcohol or Cigarette in Parties and surely not in Pregnancy – 3 Jul 09

Yesterday I talked about alcohol which nowadays seems to be a must if you want to have fun. And more and more young people take this legal drug. I received a mail from a woman after yesterday’s diary confirming that it is a big problem. When she came to a chakra dance party it was the first time since 14 years that she danced without the influence of alcohol and she realized that you can really enjoy just dancing.

Many people love dancing, why do you need alcohol for it? And it is not the only drug. When we were coming back from Copenhagen we had to change trains in the morning. We had a lot of luggage and when we were going to the elevator we saw how three teenagers were standing close to the elevator and lighting their cigarettes. A man from the train company also saw them and told them that there was a smoking area. After a second look at them he said ‘if you are already allowed to smoke at all. Should we call the police and ask?’ They quickly put their cigarettes away. It is true, they were so young! But they don’t learn that there is anything wrong with smoking or drinking. They can see it everywhere anyway, so what should be bad about it?

I even saw a woman who was maybe in the seventh month of pregnancy smoking while she was walking with her older son along the street. Why do you do that? You have a child who will learn smoking from you and then you are smoking while his brother or sister is growing inside you!

Another time I saw a fully drunk pregnant woman. Imagine how much you are injuring this new soul, this baby! It is not good for your own body, please take more care of the little body inside of you! What kind of education are they for their children? It is sad. We need to do something for a change.

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  1. Rekha

    I certainly agree with the thoughts about drinking. It is crazy to see pregnant woman drinking/smoking. It has become a disease and people find it an easy way to escape reality not realizing how adversely it affects people around them. I hope we can spread the message and save physical and mental agony to human life.

  2. Tamra

    Thank Swami Ji. I think that what you are saying is really important. I grew up drinking alcohol, in various ways and in various amounts. I do notice that when I feel very full of love having any alcohol will obscure this vision, dulling it or confusing it. It is a different state of consciousness. I can also say that having a glass of wine has felt really positive for me before. It can be an intermediate into a more positive consciousness for me. It is kind of like watching a movie ( I really don’t like watching movies and the way it makes me feel. I would much rather have a glass of wine). Most of the time for me watching a movie feels like it would lower my level of consciousness and sometimes it feels like a really appropriate thing to do for myself. Even the way alcohol and a movie make you feel is very similar.

  3. Sarah Beth

    I agree, don’t poison yourself. You wouldn’t poison your baby.

  4. Gia

    I have experienced dancing in lots of different mindsets and situations. It is best enjoyed sober because it is a drug of its own! You can enter a whole new world, moved by the music and sharing the joy with others. You can escape other thoughts by just letting the music take you over and expressing it with your body. It’s a good workout too!

  5. Nicola

    I recently went to a ‘dancitation’ class in the UK which works on the principals of dance and meditation, obviously without drugs or alcohol. The evening was great and I felt refreshed afterwards from hours of dancing as opposed to feeling dehydrated when drinking in a same evening. The problem lies with governments who can make a lot of money from taxing these legal drugs, so don’t want to promote their negatives in a knowingly effective way. The whole attitude of legal and illegal drugs is backward, and only benefits governments and the controlling elite, at the expense of the people.

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