Legal Drugs – Smoking and Drinking – West and India – 19 Sep 08


In the morning we had breakfast in our hotel viewing the beautiful lake of Pushkar. We came back to Vrindavan today and even after only a few and very nice days out we are happy to be back again.

Yesterday I talked about tourists and also about drugs. Ramona and I talked a little bit and she told me that in school they learned that there are illegal drugs but also legal drugs like alcohol and nicotine. This was very funny for me but you can see how it makes people’s mind. Alcohol is a legal drug. So it is no problem, someone drinks and thinks it is fine because it is legal. So the general opinion towards smoking and drinking is that it is normal, legal and fully accepted.

Of course I compared it with the situation here in India. It is not the question of legal or illegal but of the general opinion and thinking of this. In India drinking alcohol is also legal but it is seen as something that a good and decent person wouldn’t do. It is not accepted, neither is smoking. And especially not in front of someone who is older than you. Those who do smoke or drink hide it. They do not smoke in front of others because they do not feel that it would be okay and thus the urge to smoke is not that big. Therefore someone would maybe smoke ten cigarettes a day in a country in which it is accepted as normal and only three cigarettes in a country in which he needs to find a private place to do it.

I also wonder sometimes how those people who smoke one or two cigarettes per hour can be on a flight for seven or even twelve hours where smoking is not allowed. Okay, there are these nicotine batches and chewing gums but not every smoker really uses them. Addiction is mainly a question of the mind. These people can spend half a day without any cigarette if they have to but when they are back with their feet on the ground they swear that they cannot survive an evening without smoking. If you can spend half a day without it, it is also possible a full day or three days. And then a week, a month a year or the rest of your life is also not more difficult than the first twelve hours. It is a question of the mind and the determination. 

3 Replies to “Legal Drugs – Smoking and Drinking – West and India – 19 Sep 08”

  1. I guess in a perfect world no one would do things that hurt their bodies or their minds. It is funny how almost everything is considered because of the views of other people and not because of their merit.

  2. The issue of drugs being legal or not is totally misleading. In Western medicine, doctors prescribe narcotics and powerful painkillers that are extremely addictive and dangerous. People assume that just because their doctor recommended it, it must be good for you. Totally untrue– smoking marijuana would be much healthier for you than some of these strong medications. But people go to the doctor and expect to be given a pill to fix their problem. Lots of times it just makes it worse. I wish the medical system would recognize this and have more discretion.