Have Fun without Drinking Alcohol! – 2 Jul 09


When we were in Copenhagen in the last days we saw a lot of young people celebrating. They were standing on lorries, trucks and vans, driving through the city, honking, shouting and celebrating. I asked what they were doing and got to know that they just finished their school and were celebrating. They must have been between 17 and 19 and on their way through the city they visited all parents. People told me that this is the Danish culture or tradition to celebrate in this way.

We were looking down from the balcony and they were waving and looking at us. It was very nice to see that they were enjoying and making party but then I also saw that all of them were drunk, having beer bottles and other alcoholic drinks in their hands. Then I asked ‘okay, they are celebrating and having fun but why do they drink?’ Somebody said ‘This is the way how they have fun.’ But why can’t they have fun in normal way, when they are fully conscious? Why do you need to get drunk, fall unconscious or throw up to have fun? Maybe you don’t even remember afterwards what you were doing and that you had fun.

Somehow it has become a tradition or fixed idea that if you talk about a party and having fun that you need to have alcohol, which is a drug. That means that this is the main part of having fun and then you are not having fun but alcohol is having fun. I also like to have fun, enjoy, celebrate and have a party, being with people, but if I was not aware of what I am doing and what is going on, it would not be fun for me, I would not enjoy. Unfortunately this is going on here, it is sad.

Why can society, people and especially this young generation not have fun from your feeling and from inside themselves? My principle of life is this: being happy, enjoying life and living with laughter.

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  1. This is true that if i don’t know what i am doing, can be fun for me. Drinking will blur everything i am doing. To have real fun in life i need to be conscious.

  2. young gen think alcohol is only medium to enjoy life but they forget to enjoy, there should be consciousness otherwise how will i tell to my next generation what i enjoyed in life and what enjoyment is???

  3. Real fun is when you realize it within yourself rather than finding it somewhere else. Especially in artificial and temporary things around you. You can find it in nature , laughing , walking anywhere . only thing you need to do feel it. Try it , it will change your life.

  4. It is so sad that drinking is such a huge part of so many cultures. It has been refreshing in India to see people enjoying themselves without a drink! When we are young we are always looking for something to excite us or give us a different feeling. Chakra dance parties would be a good alternative.

  5. I think it is definitely a cultural influence to believe that parties and fun require alcohol. I grew up in two very different settings as a child and teenager. In one place, no one drank alcohol and you would be considered a complete outcast if you did. In the other place, everyone drank alcohol and you wouldn’t be cool without using it. Such a huge difference in the way that people acted! It is definitely the result of cultural influence.

  6. If a person enjoys to drink alcohol at odd times, this is her personal decision. But also it is her own decision to have the ability for being happy without it. You can call it a problem, when being happy and having good times with others is only possible when there is alcohol. In the bottle you can’t find a true smile, luck and happiness 😉

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